Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Photography 101 Part 2


Photography 101 Part 2Photography 101 Part 2

Basic Composition

Now that you are beginning to understand how your camera works you can begin to understand basic composition. I know that many people that I’ve talked to think that photography is just pointing your camera and taking a photo

Photography 101 Part 2

Rules of Composition in Photography


Rules of Composition in PhotographyRules of Composition in Photography

No scene or event is a picture until it is enclosed in a frame. Thus, when a photographer tries to frame a scene in a camera viewfinder, it is the beginning of an imposed order that converts a scene into a picture. In framing a scene, the photographer looking through the viewfinder must be aware not only of how the enclosed picture elements interact with one another throughout the image, and of what is being included or excluded

The Traveling Photo